Amazon Prime Day 2018

July 5, 2018

It's going to be the best time to buy Amazon Echo speakers and a brand new 4KTV, as Amazon promises to offer discounts that rival Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's become an increasingly important online shopping day in America.


Now that the 4th of July is over, you may be asking questions: How long will it last? What time does Prime Day start? What items will see deep discounts? What are the best Prime Day deals for 2018? Get The Deals! Click Here.




Prime Day 2018 is going to add to the net worth of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and to the value of Amazon, Inc. and its third-party marketplace sellers. More importantly, it's a chance for America's No. 1 online retailer  to install Echo speakers, Fire tablets, and Fire TVs in your budding smart home, all in an effort to continue having you pay for that ever-important Amazon Prime subscription.


When is Amazon Prime Day?


Amazon Prime Day 2018 starts at noon Monday, July 16 in the US and lasts until midnight on Tuesday 17th, we exclusively discovered ahead of time. These start time and end times are Pacific time, since Amazon's headquarters is in Seattle.


We always figured it would be in July, but plot twist: with the July 16 date, Amazon Prime Day 2018 starts one week later than Amazon's previous Amazon Prime Day outings. But means you'll have slightly more time to save up your hard-earned dollars for it.


What deals can we expect on Prime Day 2018?


The best Amazon Prime Day always surround its own products, so that means we're in for deals on Amazon Echo speakers. We anticipate all-time low priced for $50 Echo Dot ($25 maybe?) and the Amazon Echo Spot (fingers crossed for $80). The latter will be entering its first-ever Prime Day.


Besides nearly guaranteed Amazon Echo deals, you can anticipate other Amazon gadgets on sale: Kindles, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire Tablets. The unmentioned goal of Prime Day is to sneak as many Amazon products and services into your home as possible.


That said, you may also see Amazon's chief rival, Google, compete with a price match on the Google Home smart speaker, as we predicted: Why Amazon Prime Day will also be the best time to get a Google Home Mini. Google is playing the same game with its Echo-rivaling smart speaker.


And that Amazon Fire TV Cube that was just announced in the US for $119.99 could get a warm reception on Amazon Prime Day, luring new customers into the Amazon Prime family. We predict Amazon may have an epic discount if you buy two of these, as it has done for Echo Show speakers in the past. We've hold off on buying, as we've noted in Why we're waiting until Amazon Prime Day to buy the Fire TV Cube.


Nintendo Switch may be getting its first big discounts for Amazon prime Day even though it was only recently that it was  nearly impossible to buy in stores. We're even more certain that PS4 and Xbox One console bundles will see a price drop, or at least come with more value-added games to sweeten existing bundle deals. Microsoft's Xbox One X and Sony's PS4 Pro are competing heavily, which is no doubt good for everyone else on a day like Prime Day 2018. That's why we've also written about waiting for an Xbox One X Prime Day deal.


Philips Hue bulbs are a great way to upgrade your home into a smart home. That can be expensive at full price, so we're waiting until July 16 and 17 to see how many of the multi-colored lighting solutions we can scoop up.


Cheap 4K TVs are a staple of every sales holiday, and Amazon Prime Day is no different here. We're already running a US cheap TV page. Expect even lower prices from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and TCL, to name a few..


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