AdBlock vs Adblock Plus

August 1, 2018

Adblock and Adblock Plus are very popular ad blocking extensions for both Firefox and Chrome and there always seems to be some kind of confusion what the difference is, are they the sam, are they made by the same programmers?


Hopefully we can clear some things up about them and let you make a better decision.




AdBlock Plus:


What are the similarities:


  • You can see the number of ads blocked on a page and the total number of ads blocked since you installed AdBlock or ABP.

  • You can show the number of page ads blocked on the button in the extensions bar.

  • Both AdBlock and ABP use EasyList as their primary source of filter rules. 


What's different between them:


  • AdBlock comes with the Malware Protection filter list already enabled

  • While both AdBlock and ABP get ad-blocking filters frm EasyList, AdBlock also uses a custom list with additional filters that blocks ads that other filter lists don't.

  • AdBlock offers several additional filter lists right in the options, including lists that protect you from trackers and remove annoyances other than ads.

  • You can disable AdBlock on individual pages. However, ABP is either on or off for the entire site.

  • In AdBlock's advanced mode, you can see all the resources it's blocking.

  • AdBlock allows you to whitelist specific YouTube channels you want to support.


Personally, I like AdBlock a little better than ABP. I think people get hung on the "Plus" designation with AdBlock Plus. Either way, you can now you can turn all of this crap:

 Into this (but with more pixels):

 As far as uBlock vs Ublock Origin, uBlock Origin is a fork of uBlock. After a falling out with the contributing programmers, and uBlock Origin was born. Again, personally I like uBlock Origin though the differences between them both are miniscule and have more to do with Chris AlJoudi's temper tantrum on the interrnets.
AdGuard ( is another great package for blocking annoying ads. It too, relies on filter lists with some additional algorithms tossed in to make it just a scosche better than the above imo. 


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